120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate

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This Certificate course consists of a series of 18 modules organized in 8 units completed entirely online and on a self-paced basis. Students have access to the course site as soon as they complete the application and payment process. This course does not have a start and finish date, and students have up to 6 months to complete all coursework from the date they apply. This course is suitable for those who need to complete their TEFL/TESOL Certificate in a short period of time or by a specific date.

The 120-hour Online TEFL/TESOL Certificate has the most comprehensive curriculum but due to its self-paced nature, students are not required to meet weekly deadlines and they don't interact with an instructor or their classmates. Students are expected to spend 120 hours working through the course content. Each module consists of an introductory lecture that summarizes the module readings and videos. Every two or three modules, students take a quiz and need to obtain a minimum score of 75% in order to progress to the next unit. They also need to complete a practical assignment where they apply the knowledge acquired. At the end of the course, a Final Portfolio with the collection of assignments is submitted for review by CESL faculty.


  • Module 1: Language Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Language and Culture
  • Module 3: Second Language Acquisition
  • Module 4: The Teacher and the Classroom
  • Module 5: Classroom Management
  • Module 6: Curriculum and Syllabus Fundamentals
  • Module 7: Course Design
  • Module 8: Lesson Planning and Course Materials
  • Module 9: Trends in Language Teaching
  • Module 10: Teaching Tools and Techniques
  • Module 11: Teacher Development
  • Module 12: Pedagogy and Methodology
  • Module 13: Assessment and Student Evaluation
  • Module 14: Teaching Speaking
  • Module 15: Teaching Writing
  • Module 16: Teaching Reading
  • Module 17: Teaching Listening
  • Module 18: Teaching Grammar


⇒ Students receive a "120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate" upon receiving a Pass grade in the Final Portfolio; their certificate will be mailed via FedEx within 7 days of the final grade being granted.

⇒ Students who need or would like to add classroom experience can supplement this 120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certificate with a 20-hour or 40-hour Practicum

⇒ CESL provides Notarization and Authentication services that are required for work visa processing, as well as job placement assistance for certain countries.

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