The CESL Endorsement is a process whereby CESL certifies that a student has achieved sufficient English proficiency for undergraduate or graduate study. CESL offers two types of endorsements: the CESL Undergraduate Endorsement  (accepted for all undergraduate majors) and the CESL Graduate Endorsement


To receive a CESL endorsement, you must enroll and complete one of the University Track Pathway Programs (listed below), then apply for your endorsement.


Undergraduate University Track Pathway Program

  • The Undergraduate University Track Pathway (U-Track Pathway) is CESL’s pathway/bridge program.  It features a content-based curriculum designed for students conditionally-admitted to the University of Arizona. Students learn content similar to what they will encounter in their first year as undergraduate students and thereby improve their language abilities.  They also enroll in a CESL-supported general education course for credit; this course will count toward any major at University of Arizona. 

  • Students who are not conditionally admitted, but would like to study English on the University of Arizona campus can apply for the Intensive English Program

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Graduate University Track Pathway Program

  • The Graduate University Track Pathway Program provides graduate-bound students with advanced-level English courses, which are specifically designed to prepare them for the rigors of graduate-level course work. In addition to their ESL courses, students  sit in on a UA graduate course in their intended field of study (with department approval) and receive support from a CESL instructor.

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If you have any questions regarding English proficiency and receiving a CESL Endorsement, contact us at +1-520-621-3637 or cesl@email.arizona.edu. If you are a graduate advisor, we have specific content for you.