CEPT Full Academic


If your application deadline is coming up soon, please complete both parts of CEPT Full Academic at least 2 days before the deadline. The video recording of the Academic Skills subtest session typically takes 2 days to be released to us, which is why the sooner you can complete both parts of the test, the more likely you are to get the score report in a timely manner. Good luck! You got this!

The CEPT Full Academic is a two-part test that determines the test-taker competence in the primary skills of Reading, Writing, and Speaking. It assesses overall English proficiency and readiness for higher education and workplace settings.

This test is accepted by the University of Arizona for both Undergraduate and Graduate admissions, whether you are applying to an in-person degree in Tucson, or you are going to study online or at a micro-campus in a foreign campus.

If you have already been admitted to the University of Arizona, and you are only seeking to demonstrate your spoken proficiency in order to be considered for a graduate teaching assistant (TA) position, you must register to take CEPT OPI, and not CEPT Full Academic. 


The test is comprised of two sub-tests:


It focuses on Speaking and consists of a real-time online interview that assesses the test-taker’s communicative competence and ability to produce fluent, accurate English in a Q&A format. Listening comprehension is also assessed, when considering the test-taker’s ability to understand the questions posed and to respond appropriately.

  • 15 minutes
  • conducted live online with experienced and trained CESL faculty


Academic Skills test

It focuses on the key academic skills of Reading and Writing, with components that assess vocabulary knowledge and grammatical competence.

  • 2 hours (maximum)
  • computer based

CEPT Full Academic – Test Guide  provides a detailed description of the two sub-tests and includes sample questions. It also lists resources that you can use to prepare for the test.


Total cost: $62.00 (US)

All sales are final. The testing fee is not refundable, transferable, or deferrable.

Test Procedures and Policies

  • The online application requires test-takers to upload an official identification document (e.g., a national ID card, a passport, a driver’s license, or a refugee document). Your name and date of birth must be readable by English speakers, and the photo in the ID must be up-to-date. If your ID does not have your date of birth, we can accept a combination of a school ID (to check the name and the photo) and a birth certificate (to check the name and the date of birth). If you plan to use two IDs, it's best to submit them as one file (i.e., one photo of both documents next to each other). Image files (.png or .jpg) work best.
  • If there is a problem with the application, ID submitted or payment, CESL will communicate with the test-taker, who will not be able to schedule the two sub-tests until all issues are resolved.
  • Sponsored test-takers need to wait until CESL receives payment from the sponsor before they can schedule the two parts of the CEPT Full Academic Test.
  • Test-takers need to schedule the two parts of the CEPT Full Academic Test within two weeks of each other. This means both appointments should be as close to each other as possible. Appointments for the Academic Skills Test are available 24/7/365 and appointments for the Communication Skills Test are available on weekdays in pre-determined slots in the morning, afternoon, and evening until 5pm (AZ time). 
  • For the Communication Skills Test, test-takers will use the link that they will receive in the confirmation email from Appointlet.
  • Applicants are not allowed to reschedule the Communication Skills Test appointment less than 1 day before the scheduled time. Any applicant who fails to attend their scheduled interview, or cancels less than 1 day before the interview, may be required to pay the testing fee again before they can reschedule.
  • For the Academic Skills Test, CESL uses Examity, an online exam proctoring service, which monitors test-takers to ensure that they are not using Grammarly, artificial intelligence, and other tools and devices while taking the test.
    • Examity's Technical Requirements:
    • Browser: Google Chrome, pop-ups must be disabled. 
    • Equipment: Desktop, laptop, or Chromebook (tablets are not supported) with built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers. 
    • Internet: A required upload and download speed of 2Mbps, with 10 Mbps recommended. 

Score Report

  • CESL will issue an Official Score Report within 14 days after the date when both parts of the test have been completed (7-10 business days after test completion), which states the points received in each section (Reading, Writing, Speaking) as well as overall English proficiency according to the CEFR Global Scale (Common European Framework of Reference). The CEPT Full Academic test is scored out of a possible 150 points, with a maximum of 50 points for each skill section.
  • For Undergraduate Admissions, a minimum total score of 100 is required; however, some departments have set a higher score, so please check department guidelines. The Graduate College requires a minimum total score of 110 for any University of Arizona graduate-level program.
  • The Official Score Report is valid for two years.
  • No assistance with spelling, translation, or other aspects of reading and writing is allowed during the test. It is the test-taker's responsibility to ensure all the applications, extensions, and browser functions (e.g., text prediction functions, spell checks and tools like Grammarly) are disabled for the test.
  • In the case of any plagiarism, cheating, assistance (including the use of Grammarly and similar tools that change incorrect spelling for you), copying of the test content (including your own writing), or non-conforming with test procedures, the test will be voided and no score report will be issued. The test-taker may also be prohibited from re-taking the test in the future.
  • If Grammarly appears during the writing section, it is test-taker's responsibility to turn it off for the entirety of the test.
  • CEPT Full Academic scores are final and not open to appeal.
  • During the registration process, you can choose to have your score reported to the university for free. After taking the test, if you decide that you'd like CESL to send the official score report, you will need to pay the score report fee here.
  • Test-takers who wish to re-take the test must wait at least 14 days to do so from the date the test was completed. However, after the second attempt, test-takers must wait a minimum of 60 days before taking the test for a third time.
    • Please keep in mind that if the overall score you obtained in our first attempt is more than 15 points below your desired score, it is highly unlikely that your score will be satisfactory after only 14 days. In this case, CESL recommends waiting at least 60 days before your second attempt while you work on improving your English skills.  After the second attempt, you must wait 60 days before any subsequent attempts.
    • For each attempt, test-takers need to apply and pay the testing fee again. If this is not your first time, please select "returning test-taker" during the registration process.




Any questions about CEPT testing can be directed to: cesl@arizona.edu