Testing Services

CESL provides valid and reliable testing services and instruments to meet a variety of needs for UA students and departments, visiting scholars, as well as other institutions. Developed by assessment specialists, the CESL English Proficiency Test (CEPT) assesses the English competence of individuals and their readiness for research or coursework in UA programs, or other academic and professional settings. The CEPT is aligned to the most widely used and recognized language proficiency scale, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and all CEPT score reports provide test-takers with a CEFR score. There are three versions of the CEPT, as outlined below.

Used mostly for potential visiting scholars to UA seeking a J1 (or short term) visa, this test of spoken English consists of a 15-minute online interview.

This computer-based test of academic skills assesses proficiency in Reading and Writing, as well as having grammar & vocabulary sections.

This test combines the OPI with the CEPT Academic to provide a full picture of the overall English proficiency of test takers. It focuses on assessing Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills.