April 3, 2020
Spring Fling comes back to the UA Mall! This event happens once a year and is the largest student run carnival in the United States! There will be rides, games, food and fun! We hope you can join... More Details
March 21, 2020
Join your friends on the coolest spot in Tucson - Mount Lemmon. At over 9,000 feet high, you can see all of Tucson from the top. There's even snow on top in the colder months. On Saturday, March 14th... More Details
February 29, 2020
Join the CESL Activities team on Saturday, February 29th as we cheer on the University of Arizona Women's Beach Volleyball team! They are currently ranked No. 13 in the nation and will play Stephen F... More Details
February 19, 2020
The CESL Annual International Festival is a special time to display your country and culture to the University of Arizona students and Tucson community. On Wednesday, February 19th you will have the... More Details
February 15, 2020
Join the CESL Activites team this Saturday, February 15th for exciting day at the races! We're headed to the Rillito Park Racetrack!  Rillito Park is a historic racetrack and the birthplace of... More Details
February 8, 2020
Welcome to Tucson! Learn how to ride the Sun Tran buses in town AND enjoy shopping at the Tucson Mall! On Saturday, February 8th, we'll show you how! Simply meet in front of the CESL building at 12pm... More Details
February 8, 2020
Join the CESL Activities team this Saturday, February 8th for the largest gem and greatest gem and mineral show on earth--the Tucson Gem, Mineral, & Fossil Showcase! With over 50+ locations and... More Details
January 25, 2020
Join the activities team for North America's favorite cold-weather sport--ice hockey! On Saturday, January 25th the CESL Activities Team is heading to the Tucson Convention Center in downtown Tucson... More Details
January 18, 2020
Join your friends and classmates on Saturday, January 18th as we go to the top of the highest and coolest place in Tucson: Mt. Lemmon. At over 9,000 feet tall, Mt. Lemmon boasts high altitude trees... More Details
December 6, 2019
Congratulations on a successful session/semester at CESL! Our Fall 2019 Closing Ceremony will be held on Friday, December 6th from 1-3pm at Gentle Ben's Brewing Company on University Blvd. at the... More Details
November 22, 2019
Come cheer on your fellow #GlobalWildcats as they showcase their skills at our eighth installment of Global Wildcats Got Talent! Check out this video to see some highlights from GWGT 7. We guarantee... More Details
November 16, 2019
Join the CESL Student Activities Team and UA Global's office of International Student Services (ISS) on Saturday, November 16th for a remarkable trip to the unique Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM... More Details
November 2, 2019
Get ready to bear down and cheer on the University of Arizona Wildcats in an NCAA football game versus the Oregon State Beavers! We have nice upper level seats reserved for only $16/person! You aren'... More Details
October 31, 2019
Get in the spirit of the holidays and dress up for Halloween! This year, CESL will be having a Halloween Costume Contest on Thursday, October 31st. Get creative and come dressed up in your favorite... More Details
October 12, 2019
Join the CESL Activities team on Saturday, October 12th as we experience one of the most iconic events in town--The Tucson Meet Yourself Festival! Tucson Meet Yourself (or TMY for short) is a... More Details
September 21, 2019
D’Oh!!! Visit Springfield and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the longest-running sitcom in TV history at this free outdoor binge watch featuring some of the greatest, most hilarious episodes of ... More Details
September 6, 2019
Join International students, scholars, faculty, and staff for the grand opening of the brand new UA Global Center! This Friday, September 6 from 7-9pm there will be a grand opening Party at Global... More Details
July 13, 2019
Join the CESL Activities team on Saturday, July 13th for the ultimate in gaming culture: Dave & Buster's. Dave & Buster's features over 100 video games, physical games like billiards, skee-... More Details
July 4, 2019
Join the activities team on Thursday, July 4th for the United States of America's birthday! That's right, Independence Day is celebrated each year in the US on July 4th--more commonly referred to as... More Details
June 29, 2019
Join the activities team on Saturday, June 29th for a mental and physical challenge--indoor rock climbing at Rocks & Ropes. Rocks & Ropes is downtown Tucson's most popular indoor rock... More Details
June 22, 2019
Join the CESL activities team on Saturday, June 22nd for a one of a kind laser light and music experience as we head to the UA's Flandrau Planetarium for Laser Queen! Laser Queen is one of the newest... More Details
June 15, 2019
Join the CESL Activities Team on Saturday, June 15th and come jump at Tucson's only trampoline park, Get Air!  Located downtown, Get Air! is a large warehouse filled with trampolines for your... More Details
April 27, 2019
Note: This activity has been rescheduled from Saturday, April 20th to Saturday, April 27th.  Join the CESL Activities team for the last Saturday activity of the session. On Saturday, April 27th we'll... More Details
April 19, 2019
CESL GRAND CANYON TRIP Experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world--the Grand Canyon! This is one activity that simply must be experienced to be believed--the scope, beauty, and majesty... More Details
April 8, 2019
Get your spirit on and join your fellow CESL students, faculty, and staff as we celebrate Spirit Week at CESL! There will be three key days of celebration: Monday, April 8th (11:30am-12:30pm) UA... More Details
April 3, 2019
Eating healthy is fun and cool! Join the CESL activities team on Wednesday, April 3rd to explore the weekly UA Campus Farmer's Market. At the Farmer's Market you can buy local produce and products as... More Details
March 29, 2019
On Friday, March 29th you can help spread love and kindness by joining the Volunteer Club at Miles Exploratory Learning Center. Miles Exploratory Learning Center is part of the Tucson Unified School... More Details
March 23, 2019
"The 2019 Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona Air Show promises to be a weekend packed with heart-pounding air performances and family-friendly activities. This is your chance to get up close and... More Details
February 16, 2019
The rodeo is an annual tradtion in Tucson and it celebrates the cowboy culture of the old west. On Saturday, February 16th  we will go see the opening day of the two week long Tucson Rodeo or La... More Details
February 9, 2019
Join the CESL Student Activities team and experience how fun downtown Tucson can be! On Saturday, February 9th, we'll meet in front of CESL at 5pm and then take the streetcar ($1.75 each way or $4... More Details
February 2, 2019
Winter in Tucson means great hiking weather. Join the CESL activities team on Saturday, February 2nd as we go to Sabino Canyon. Sabino Canyon is a "desert oasis located in Coronado National Forest".... More Details
January 26, 2019
Paintball is a thrilling game of strategy, accuracy and fun. On Saturday, January 26th we will go to Tucson's best paintball field--Disruptive Paintball. We will have the opportunity fo play on... More Details
November 17, 2018
On Saturday, November 17th you can join the CESL Activities Team for a trip back in time: Tombstone and Bisbee Queen Mine trip. Tombstone is the original "cowboy town". It was home to all sorts of... More Details
November 5, 2018
Bear down, Arizona! On Sunday, November 4th, the activities team will go the McHale Center to see the UA Wildcats Men's Basketball team play the Chaminade Silver Swords. Arizona basketball is HOT... More Details
October 27, 2018
Join the CESL Activities team on Saturday, October 27th for Halloween at Nightfall! Nightfall at Old Tucson is the only real haunted town in Tucson! Meet in front of CESL at 5:15pm. $30 includes... More Details
September 29, 2018
On, Saturday, September 29th the Activities Team is going to the Kitt Peak National Observatory! Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO), part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO),... More Details
September 22, 2018
Join the CESL Activities team on Saturday, September 29th as we step into the world of teeny-tiny miniatures. That's right, we're going to Tucson's most original museum--the Mini Time Machine! The... More Details
September 8, 2018
Do you want to make a difference? Then join the Volunteer Club this Saturday, September 8th to help feed the needy in Tucson. A team of 10 CESL volunteers will help to sort food and pack boxes of... More Details
September 1, 2018
Cool down and get down at Skate Country roller skating rink this Saturday, September 1st. Roller skating at Skate Country is a fun, indoor, activity for all skill levels--whether you're just learning... More Details
August 25, 2018
Join other CESL students and the Student Activities Assistants for the first Saturday activity of the 2018 semester--Mt. Lemmon! On Saturday, August 25th you can beat the heat, enjoy nature, breathe... More Details
August 4, 2018
On Friday, August 3rd from 5-10pm, we will celebrate the end of another great summer session and all the hard work and achievements of our wonderful students. The event will take place at the Hotel... More Details
July 21, 2018
Beat the heat this summer and join CESL in a trip up to Phoenix to cool down at Sunsplash Water Park! Sunsplash Water Park (Golfland SunSplash) is Arizona's premier waterpark with slides, pools, lazy... More Details
June 23, 2018
Beat the heat and check out the Reid Park Zoo during their Summer Safari Friday Nights theme. Many of the animals are noctural and prefer the nighttime versus the heat of the day. There will be a... More Details
June 16, 2018
Join your friends on the coolest spot in Tucson--Mt. Lemmon. At over 9,000 feet high, you can see all of Tucson from the top. There's even snow on top in the colder months. On Sat. June 16th you can... More Details
May 29, 2018
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May 11, 2018
Join CESL for our 50th Anniversary Dinner! Yay text here describing the event cause this is a marketing site. The cost is $35/person. RSVP
April 21, 2018
On Sat. 4/21, the activities team is heading to the Stevie Eller Theatre on campus to witness the UA Dance Ensemble in this special student spotlight performance. These young artists are ready to... More Details
April 1, 2018
Tucson Speedway is Tucson's only 3/8 mile NASCAR home track! On Sat. 3/31 we will go witness the adrenaline rush of high-octane racing in the desert! Witness Super Lates, Super Trucks, Hornets,... More Details
March 24, 2018
The Arizona Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, a 13-stage theatre, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts faire, a Jousting Tournament and a feast, all rolled into one non-stop, day-... More Details
February 24, 2018
Step back in time and take in the joys of roller skating on Sat. 2/24 as the Activities team heads to Tucson's Skate Country roller skating rink! For only $12 you get round-trip transportation from/... More Details
February 13, 2018
The CESL International Festival is a special time and celebration to display your country and culture to the University of Arizona students and Tucson community. You will have the chance to celebrate... More Details
January 27, 2018
On Sat. 1/27 we will get a chance to see the nationally ranked NCAA UA Men's Basketballteam play against the Utah Utes! This should be a very exciting and high scoring game.  Meet in front of CESL at... More Details
January 20, 2018
Join your friends and classmates on Saturday, January 20th as we go to the top of the highest and coolest place in Tucson: Mt. Lemmon.  At over 9,000 feet tall, Mt. Lemmon boasts high altitude trees... More Details