Classroom Observation

If you would like  to observe one or more CESL classes, please follow the instructions on this page. Up to 9 hours of CESL classes may be observed as a courtesy. Class observations beyond the 9-hour limit will require you to register for a Practicum. 

Instructors wishing to observe a CESL class the form below at least 2 weeks in advance of your proposed observation. University instructors wanting students to observe classes as part of a course should contact  Dr. Sumayya Granger in advance with the course information.

All visitors must check-in at 101 CESL to pick up their badge before attending class.

Please note that any documents of completion of observations are available only to students enrolled in CESL programs.

Observation Expectations

  • Check in early in office 101 and pick up your observer badge. If wishing to observe an 8am class, please sign in and get your badge the afternoon prior.
  • Arrive early to class and wait outside the class.
  • Introduce yourself and ask the teacher for permission to observe before entering the class.
  • Be understanding if the teacher does not wish to be observed, or if the teacher asks you to return another day. Some activities are not well-suited to observation or the class may already have two observers.
  • Sit in an unobtrusive seat in the class.
  • Do not speak up or join in class activities unless asked to do so by the teacher.
  • Do not leave/enter the classroom while class is going on unless this is unavoidable.
  • Make sure to thank the teacher at the end.
  • No more than 2 observers may be present in a class at once.


Observer Information
Observations may be up to 9 hours
Observations requiring supervision or assistance from CESL will incur fees to be determined individually.
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