SLAT-CESL Visiting Scholars Program

The SLAT-CESL Visiting Scholars Program, run jointly by SLAT and CESL, is designed for scholars who do not hold a Ph.D. and wish to perfect their teaching and research skills. In this program, you will have the same access to facilities and resources as regular visiting scholars, but you also will take English tutoring and a teacher-training practicum. Participation in self-paced online workshops through SLAT about using technology for teaching, as well as having group meetings about research approaches, is expected. 

You will work on various SLAT modules to develop your skills as a language instructor and apply what you have learned in targeted portfolio activities. 

In addition, you will enjoy the many rich opportunities available to visiting scholars, including auditing courses and participating in colloquia, to collaborating on research, sharing research findings, and participating in a vibrant educational and research institution.

Scholars may have either CESL or SLAT as their primary center of activity.  CESL accepts scholars for up to 6 months and is most appropriate if you are interested in researching language teaching within the context of higher education. SLAT accepts scholars for up to 1 year and has a broader range of research topics available. Please see SLAT information here:


  1. Interested scholars submit an Initial Inquiry form by using the INQUIRE NOW button at the bottom of this page.
  2. If accepted, the scholar must then complete the full Visiting Scholar application and provide the required documents 
    1. Visiting Scholar Application
    2. Current Curriculum Vitae
    3. Proposal for research, (please follow our research protocol in creating your proposal)
    4. Two (2) professional letters of recommendation
    5. An original letter of financial support from the home institution or sponsor for all expenses during your stay in Tucson
    6. A letter of guarantee of employment upon return to the home institution
    7. A cover letter explaining why CESL seems to be the best location for conducting research
    8. Documentation of English proficiency (from last two years)
    9. Copy of passport for scholar and any dependents
  3. Scholars should also read about J-1 Visa requirements on the website of the UA Office of International Faculty and Scholars.
  4. Once all materials are received, and application, FedEx, and IFS fees are paid, the DS-2019 request will be processed.
  5. You will then be contacted with more details.

If you successfully complete the program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from SLAT and CESL.

Program Details