Resources for Teachers

Local professional development opportunities

Please note that the listings here are for informational purposes only. CESL does not endorse any particular listings.​​

Local References and Information

Further Educational Opportunities


  • If you are affiliated with CESL, you can seek advice / recommendations from Library and Information Services Coordinator, Mike Lindsey.

Using the Internet to Teach

Bibliographic Citations

Country and Map Information


Reference materials

ESL Megasites for Teachers

ESL Writing Sites

Newspapers with Educational Components

Professional Organizations

Research and Articles on Education and ESL

Virtual Libraries

  • - a website that allows you to search using natural language
  • - "the single best source for facts on the net"
  • - access a wide-range of academic articles, books, and journals
  • The WWW Virtual Library - a collection of subject area links put together by experts in the field

Tips and Resources for Working with International Students

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