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Tips for finding reputable employers abroad


  • The application and interview process is well-organized and runs smoothly and professionally
  • They give you adequate time to make your arrangements (be wary if they are rushing you to come)
  • They give good visa/immigration advice and support (stay away from places that do not seem to know or that advise things that are usually illegal, like coming to work on a tourist visa)
  • They pay you through standard means (checks, electronic deposits, etc.) and provide information on paying taxes (stay away if they want to pay cash only or seem to be avoiding taxes)
  • They compensate you fairly and don't expect you to pay them (you should not be paying them any "fees" if they are employing you)
  • Good signs when you arrive:
    • The accommodations and arrangements are the way they promised they would be (watch out of the arrangement suddenly seems different)
    • They provide you a health insurance card if they indicated that health insurance is part of the job (they should give you a card and all the needed information to use your health insurance)
    • They follow through on promises, such as finding housing, paying bills, etc. (be wary if they backtrack on their promises after you arrive)
    • They have clear and fair employment procedures and practices (the company has an HR department, they don't demand you work overtime or do work outside your contract, etc.)
    • If they need your passport/visa after you arrive, they explain why and when they will return it, and return it promptly (if they want to take your passport for unexplained reasons and won't return it, go to your embassy right away)