CESL offers affordable individualized tutoring on campus to CESL and UA students who may be busy with jobs or other studies. These students may brush up on their weakest English language skills one-on-one or in small groups.

Basic Tutoring

This tutoring is for students who want help with general English for their CESL courses or perhaps for entering an undergraduate university program.  For example, general speaking practice or grammar help are common requests for basic tutoring.

Elite Tutoring

This tutoring is for students who need higher-level, more intense tutoring in specific subject areas or specific requests.  For example, it can be working on preparing for TOEFL/ IELTS speaking (or any other section of these exams), pronunciation, or academic writing.

Skill Intensive Workshops (SIW) - Small group workshops

A group of two to five students can request an intensive workshop focused on a particular English skill (such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, or grammar). The students must apply, pay and register together. 

Online Tutoring

Our tutoring is available online which can be adapted to your schedule. 

On-site Group Tutoring

We can offer on-site tutoring labs at your location in Tucson. Tutoring labs would be for individuals or small groups, and an institutional application fee of $100 is charged. In addition, we can send a tutor to your site for set days/times. If you have students or employees who you feel would benefit from having a tutor on-site, please contact us at cesl@email.arizona.edu.


How to Apply

Contact Dr. Veronika Williams (vaw@email.arizona.edu

You will need her approval to enroll in tutoring sessions as she needs to verify she can accomodate your needs and recommend the best tutoring fit. You will also be advised to read our tutoring policies.

Program Details

Have any questions? Contact us below:

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