Please note: All CESL’s summer classes will be offered online synchronously similar to our current classes.

Graduate University Track Pathway

CESL's Graduate University Track Pathway Program (levels 8 & 9) at the University of Arizona provides graduate-bound students with advanced-level English courses, which are specifically designed to prepare them for the rigors of graduate-level course work. In addition to their ESL courses, students in the Graduate U-track Pathway sit in on a UA graduate course in their intended field of study (with department approval) and receive support from a CESL instructor.

Full-time students in the Graduate U-Track Pathway are also eligible to apply for CESL's Graduate English Endorsement, which is accepted by most UA graduate departments and UA Graduate College as fulfillment of the English language proficiency requirement in lieu of the TOEFL or IELTS exams. Endorsement is only available from University track. Endorsement is only offered in Fall 2, Spring 2, and Summer sessions. All Graduate U-Track students applying for endorsement must be in Level 9 (or complete 2 full sessions of the Graduate U-Track) and must pay a fee.

If you are interested in taking Graduate U-Track Pathway classes part-time, click here .

Contact our admission team ( if you have questions about Graduate U-Track Pathway classes.

Abdulaziz Aljadid - Saudi Arabia

Program Details


Application deadlines are at 5pm Arizona time. All applications materials must be received by the application deadline.

Summer 2020 (full session)
Application Deadline
May 1
Report Date
June 2
Session Duration June 8July 31
Fall 1, 2020 (8-week full session)
Application Deadline
July 17
Report Date
August 17
Session Duration August 24October 16
Fall 2, 2020 (8-week full session)
Application Deadline
September 12
Report Date
October 12
Session Duration October 19December 11
Spring 1, 2021 (8-week full session)
Application Deadline
December 4
Report Date
January 4
Session Duration January 11March 5
Spring 2, 2021 (8-week full session)
Application Deadline
February 9
Report Date
March 9
Session Duration March 15May 7
Summer 2021 (full session)
Application Deadline
May 1
Report Date
June 1
Session Duration June 7July 30

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