CESL English Proficiency Assessment (EPA)

This proficiency test has been developed for assessing the English proficiency of individuals joining CESL Teacher Training programs and courses.

The essential information about the EPA is as follows:

  • Applicants to CESL Teacher Training programs and courses who cannot provide proof of English proficiency will be required to test this one-hour online test via an application called Qualtrics. 
  • This online test is designed to assess academic skills in Reading and Writing. For the Reading section, test-takers are required to read a short book excerpt and write a summary of it. In the Writing portion, they are given a choice of prompts and have to produce an essay. 
  • Using the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR) Global Proficiency Scale, test-takers will be issued with official score report.
  • Test-takers need to demonstrate a B1 or B2 (e.g. independent) level of proficiency on both parts of the EPA, depending on the Teacher Training program or course they intend to enroll in at CESL.
  • The test fee is $60, and potential test-takers will be provided with access details to register for the test during the application process.
  • The EPA is designed to ensure that students enrolled in CESL Teacher Training programs and courses have the necessary English proficiency to be successful in them.

For more information about CESL Teacher Training programs and courses, or other means to proof English proficiency, please contact teachesl@email.arizona.edu