CEPT Academic

Focused on the academic skills of Reading and Writing, the CEPT Academic focuses on testing English proficiency and  readiness for University of Arizona programs and courses. 

The points below summarize the CEPT Academic test.

  • The Academic test particularly focuses on the main academic skills of Reading and Writing.  Competence in grammar and vocabulary usage are also assessed.
  • The test is administered on computer, and takes approximately 90 minutes. CEPT tests can be taken using standard computer web browsers. 
  • Online application for this test includes students uploading a passport photo or official government ID with picture.
  • The cost of the CEPT is fixed at US$ 60 per test. CESL has a no refund policy after test payment.
  • If taken
  • The CEPT Academic test makes use of an online exam proctoring service, Examity, to help ensure test security and score validity.  Test-takers get access to the test through Examity, and are monitored (to ensure they are not using tranlation software, smartphones, etc) while doing the test.
  • All test-takers should watch the following short video explaining Examity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98OStU71l7A
  • After registering for the CEPT Academic, test-takers will be contacted by Examity about scheduling and taking the test. 
  • CESL will produce an official score report for each test-taker, attesting to their overall English proficiency according to the industry-standard and most widely used proficiency scale, the CEFR Global Scale (Common European Framework of Reference). The University of Arizona (UA) requires a C1 (i.e. Proficient) level of English for graduate-level study in UA programs.
  • In the case of any plagiarism, cheating, assistance, or non-conforming with test-procedures, the test may be voided and no score report issued. The test-taker may also be prohibited from re-taking the test in the future. 

Test scheduling is typically done, informing the test taker of test date and time, within one week of application. Test-taker reports are usually issued within one week of test completion, depending on test taker numbers. 

Anybody wishing to re-take the test must wait at least three months to do so. This policy is based on test-takers re-taking the test in a short period of time and getting the same/similiar test score. 

Cost: $60.00 (US) 
Testing Fees: All sales are final. The testing fee is not refundable, transferable, or deferrable.


Any questions about CEPT testing can be directed to: cesl@email.arizona.edu