University Track Pathway: Early Start

Pathway Program, Levels 8-9

CESL's Undergraduate University Track Pathway (U-Track Pathway) at the University of Arizona provides ESL learners with an opportunity to take UA courses while continuing their ESL studies at CESL. Undergraduate U-Track Pathway UA courses are sheltered, English-immersion, credit-bearing courses.  UA courses in the Undergraduate U-Track Pathway pair with a CESL class that is designed to support student learning in the UA course. Additionally, Undergraduate U-Track Pathway students round out their schedules with CESL courses that prepare them for the challenges of full-time study at the UA or any other major US institution.   

In the Summer/Fall "Early Start" Versions of the University Track Pathway, CESL opens U-Track Pathway admission to both to both conditionally admitted and fully admitted students ready to start their UA studies full-time in the fall or spring.

Top 4 reasons to join the Early Start CESL U-Track Pathway

  1. Improve your Academic English!  No matter how proficient you are in English, studying full-time in another language is challenging.  In CESL’s Early Start U-Track Pathway, you’ll take classes with topics and expectations similar to the classes you’ll have in your first year at University of Arizona in a supportive environment.
  2. Start earning credit toward your degree! Students in the Early Start U-Track Pathway take a university class about “Living the Good Life” (details below).  This course counts toward the Tier One General Education requirement at University of Arizona, a requirement ALL UA undergraduate students must fulfill.  In the U-Track Pathway, you can take this course in only 8 weeks with a CESL support teacher there to help every step of the way!  You’ll start your UA undergraduate career with 3 credits toward your degree.
  3. Are you planning to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Nursing, or Law?  Need to pass the UA English Requirement? If you want to study in one of these programs, your TOEFL or IELTS score may not be high enough for entry into your major; however, if you study in CESL’s Early Start U-Track Pathway and earn a 3.0 and passing grade in all CESL Early Start U-Track Pathway classes, you’ll earn CESL’s English Language Endorsement, which fulfills all language requirements for EVERY undergraduate major!
  4. Get ready for life on UA’s campus.  Adjusting to life on an American campus can be a challenge for international students.  Research shows that pathway programs like UA-CESL’s University Track Pathway help incoming international students adjust to more than just the academic culture of the US.  The University Seminar class features talks by guest lecturers and excursions on campus meant to show students what resources they will have as students at UA and residents of Tucson, resources that extend beyond improving classroom performance.    

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Program Dates:  

  • Apply by -  April 28, 2019
  • Report to CESL – May 28, 2019
  • Classes begin – June 3, 2019
  • End Program – July 26, 2019


Initial Application Fee

$110.00 (non-refundable)

Total Program Costs

Costs 8 Week Session
CESL Tuition $2209.38
Fees $755
UA Course Fees and Tuition $3025.50
Books (estimated) $250
Living Expenses (estimated) $3250
Total $9489.88


Breakdown of Program Costs (8-week session)

CESL Tuition $2209.38
Student Services Fee $265
Technology Fee $190
Mandatory Campus Health Fee $150
Mandatory Student Health Insurance Fee $150
Total Payable to CESL $2964.38
Total Payable to CESL $2964.38
Books $250
Living Expnenses (living, transportation, food, etc.) $3250
UA Course Fees and Tuition $3025.50
Total Needed for U-Track Pathway Financial Guarantee $9489.88



If you bring dependents (legal spouse and/or children under 21 years of age) you will need to provide additional evidence of $800 per month for a spouse and $500 per month per child.

What is a financial guarantee?

A financial guarantee is an official bank statement, or scholarship offer, which promises to sponsor or pay for a student's academic studies. The amount to be covered includes tuition, fees, books, and the cost of living.  If you are submitting a personal bank statement it must have been issued within the last 6 months.  Bank statements must be in English.  If it is not your personal bank statement you must include the financial guarantee authorization from the account holder.

Financial Guarantee Requirements

  • Must be recent, within 6 months of being issued 
  • Needs to be in English
  • Needs to be on official bank letterhead
  • Needs to show account balance (not average in the account)
  • Date of issuance
  • Name of account holder
  • Needs to be checking or savings

Curriculum Overview

  • Public & Applied Humanities (PAH) 160D2 – Living the Good Life: Humanities Perspectives on Culture and Community

    • Starting from a definition and overview of myth as a moving force in life, students generate a list of grand mysteries to pursue answers that reflect the past, present, and future. The primary focus of this course is not mythology nor cosmology. It is an introductory course on humanity’s grand questions (e.g., What is the origin of life? What rituals mark passage through life stages? etc.), an analysis of some of the answers (some of which will be student generated), and a critical reflection on what those answers mean for the student and the student’s cultural and societal contexts.  A perfect course to start your UA academic journey!
  • PAH 160D2 Support

    • This support course is designed to help students succeed in their university course. It focuses on preparing students for university-level, lecture-style courses by giving them additional time to process the content and complete the required work for the  class. A CESL instructor attends PAH 160D2 with the students, and after the lectures, they meet to review the concepts, vocabulary, and assignments from the lectures and readings. Students maintain a notebook with lecture notes to be used during the CESL support class to review the main ideas of the credit class.
  • ​University Seminar

    • ​This course familiarizes students with the university system and the culture and norms of higher education in the U.S. Through field trips, research activities, and guest lectures, students will explore and appraise the resources and communities available on campus.  Moreover, students will acquire and practice the study skills and strategies needed to interact professionally in an academic setting as autonomous and self-sufficient members of the greater university community.  Ultimately, the purpose of this course is to help students transition to, and successfully negotiate, university academics. 
  • Across the Curriculum: Listening & Speaking

    • ​With units of study based on typical General Education courses at UA beyond PAH 160, this courses focuses on preparing students to comprehend and take notes on academic lectures from a variety of fields of study.  Students will also work extensively on presentation skills.

Who Should Apply

  • Conditionally admitted international students (current IELTS of 5.0 or TOEFL IBT of 59) who do not yet meet the minimum English language requirement for full admission to the UA or another institution.
  • Students looking for an alternative to the TOEFL or IELTS as their path for full admission to the UA.
  • Undergraduate-bound students with conditional admission who wish to earn university credit.
  • Current level 7 students who have conditional admission and would like to continue their studies at CESL.
  • Fully admitted UA students who want to get an early start at UA! (no IELTS or TOEFL required for fully admitted students)

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